11 Clever Uses For Tissue Paper In The Office

Post Date : December 13, 2022
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Clever uses of tissue paper in the office
  1. Sanitisation
With the onset of COVID-19 sanitisation and disinfecting objects and surfaces have become more vital and necessary. At office you can use the tissue paper by dabbing or spraying into it with the sanitizer. The surfaces of your tables, stationary objects, phone, spectacles etc can be disinfected by wiping tissue paper soaked sanitizer.
  1. Stuffing things
Tissue papers can be used to stuff various objects in the office. For instance you can stuff objects made of sensitive material like glass with tissue paper before keeping it safely away. By stuffing it with tissue paper the chances of any damage occurring to the object is reduced.
  1. Cleaning different surfaces and objects
Tissue paper can be used to wipe of the dirt, stains, dust and other grime on different surfaces and objects. They can even be used to clean laptop and desktop screen. Since they are made of paper no scratch will occur on the screen or other objects and surfaces.
  1. For nicks and small cuts
Tissue paper help in controlling the bleeding when sudden nicks and cuts happen. Keep tissue paper packets or box or rolls on your office table for such emergencies.
  1. For wrapping things
Tissue papers can be used to wrap various things. If you want to keep some item which you use in office safely and easy to find, wrap it in a tissue paper. You can also write on the tissue paper using a marker or pen for identification.
  1. As Marker
You can cut a piece of tissue paper or fold a tissue and use it as a marker to keep them among the pages of a book or document. This will help you to later identify the important pages and you will easily know till which page you have checked or read.
  1. To write
When you can’t suddenly find a paper and want to write something immediately tissue papers can be used. You can also write small notes in the tissue paper to remember things.
  1. To keep things
Keep things like a coffee mug or bottles on top of the tissue paper. In this way no scratches or marks can form on your office tables.
  1. To steady a table stand or chair
Tissue paper can be made into balls and kept at the leg of chair or table to make a shaking table or stand steady and stable. Until the table or the chair is repaired you can do this to get an even surface.
  1. Crafts
Another interesting factor is that crafts using tissue can be made as decoration for your table. During your free time or when under pressure make crafts using the tissue papers. It will reduce your stress and seeing the craft you made is sure to make you happy.
  1. Slippery plates and glass
When you are using office pantry while taking glass and plates wrap it with a tissue it will give you grip over the slippery objects.
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