Multipurpose high quality cable ties, shiny, flexible and will support all your projects. My office supply, Qatar, provides all types of cable zips with the following features.


✓ Self locking and UV resistant Cable ties.

✓ High tensile strength. Can hold up to 50 oz loads.

✓ Temperatures from -35c to 85c

✓ Best ul inflammability.

✓ Ideal for making fences, arts and crafts projects.

✓ Premium quality cable ties

✓Industrial Multi-Purpose UV Resistant Black Cable Ties

✓Strong cable ties usable in many applications

✓Made with UV resistant – High Quality Product with standard Materials

✓UV RESISTANT: Provides good resistance to weathering and aging.

✓Cable ties can be used indoors or outdoors to give greater versatility.


Types matter on applications. They are widely used in the automotive sector, aerospace industry, equipment Manufacturing, consumer appliances and electronics, in enclosures and cabinets, construction and mining fields.

Types and colors we supply

My office supply, Qatar, provides all types of premium quality cable ties, spanking for outdoor use. CE certified cable ties come in more than 10 colours and we supply standard types, releasable cable ties,push mount, screw mount, market cable ties, heavy duty ties, stainless steel types,hook and loop cable ties