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Imagine not finding enough printing paper or an envelope to send an important letter. It will not only be annoying but also blocks your work. In office there are many essential supplies which are required for the smooth functioning of work and activities. There are several office supplies which are commonly used by all type of businesses and there are also supplies which are exclusive to certain businesses. For instance pens, paper, files etc are common for all kinds of businesses whereas cash counting machines and whiteboards are not necessary for all kinds of businesses. It is recommended to have office supplies in adequate quantity to meet the requirement of the business. My Office Supply Qatar, office equipment suppliers in Qatar have extensive range of office supplies for businesses. Having been offering high quality products blended with excellent service, you will find us ranked at top when you search for ‘office supplies near me’.

Let us look at some of the office supplies which are usually required for a small business setup.

Writing tools

Various types of writing tools encompass pens, papers, highlighters, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, markers, rulers, correction pen etc. However digitized an office is, these items are necessary for numerous purposes.


Shredders are often used in offices where the work carried out involves confidentiality and in offices where there are piles of paper. Throwing papers in dustbin is not practical when the papers are official documents and also when there is large quantity of papers. Disposing such papers is difficult. Shredder machines come in handy when you want to remove such papers and documents. Shredders finely cut the papers into small pieces thereby making your place clean.


Envelopes with company’s print are used for various communication purposes. They are utilized for posting and couriering various documents.

Files and Folders

Files and folders are used to arrange things in place. There are different types of files and folders available like box files, expandable document folders, stick paper folders, clip paper folders and so on. Keeping documents in files and folders not only make them easily accessible but also keep the place tidy and neat.

Hygiene supplies

A clean working environment equals healthy employees. Therefore it is essential to stock up hygiene supplies in any office setting. Hygiene materials include things like facial tissue, paper towels, toilet rolls, hand wash liquids, air fresheners, sanitizers, disinfectants, soaps and other cleaning and waste disposal products.

Calendars and planners

Calendars help in keeping track of dates and organising future appointments. With calendars you can easily know about the upcoming holidays and events and take necessary work commitments. Similarly having planners helps in laying out the various tasks which needs to be accomplished. Planners also acts as a reminder about various deadlines.

First-aid supplies

Since employees and workers spent major part of their day in an office the necessity of first-aid supplies cannot be overlooked. Basic medicines and first aid box containing bandages, medical tape, tweezers ointments for burns and cuts, solutions etc have to be kept in offices in case of any emergency.

Other items

Besides the main essentials in an office there are many miscellaneous items which are necessary in an office. Some of them are stapler, rubber bands, batteries, paper clips, twines, paperweight, stamps, scissors, glue, tapes etc.

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