Privacy Policy

Please be sure to take a moment to read our Privacy Policy as it describes the events that occur with your personal information collected through each of the stores or brands’ websites or in your partnerships with the My Office Supply.

SECTION 1 – What do we do with your info?

We collect and maintain your personal data fairly and legally and not intrusively. Where reasonably useful, we collect your directly from you your personal information. Some of the following can be used to collect the personal information you give us:

(a) if you have an inquiry or order in respect of products or services via the Website;

(b) if you are in administration and performance of any contract with providers of services;

(c) if, via telephone or by facsimile, you contact us;

(d) from correspondence (whether in writing or electronically);

(e) when administering any of our services; and

(f) as otherwise required to manage our business.

However, we can obtain personal information from publicly accessible sources and third parties, such as manufacturers, contractors, customers, and business partners, under some circumstances.

Where we collect personal data from a third party about you we ask the third party, when applicable, to let you know that we are keeping such data, how we are going to use them and to divulge them, and to contact us to access and correct and update them.


Unless you consent to this use or disclosure we will neither use nor disclose your personal information for any other purpose.

We will not share your personal information with any third parties, as of the date of this Privacy Policy. If we propose in the future to disclose personal information, then, if permitted under privacy law and with your express written permission, we shall be able to disclose personal data to third parties, such as our suppliers, organizations providing us with technical and support services, or our professional advisers.


Secure Socket Layer Technology (SSL) and AES-256 encryption are used to encrypt the credit card information you provide to us. While no transmission or storage system is completely safe, we comply with PCI-DSS and other industry standards.

session-id, unique token, sessional, Allows us to store information about your session on our web referrer, landing page.

No information was gathered during the tour. Continue your visit for another 30 minutes and send a report to our website provider.

Your data will not be saved by uniq, and it will remain active until the next midnight. It indicates how often a customer visits our website.

Cart is a special token that lasts for two weeks and displays the contents of your cart.

A token, a stable session-id, and a specific session

When this code is allowed, the token is commonly used to determine whether a current user has a connection to our store if this search app happens immediately.


We reserve the right to change our privacy policy at any time. Any improvements to our privacy policies will become effective as soon as they are made public. Any updates to our privacy policy will be communicated to you so that you are aware of what we are storing, how we use the information, and how this information is used or revealed.

My Office supply may expand or reduce its business from time to time, and this may include the sale or transfer of control to other parties of certain dividends. Where relevant to any division thus transferred, the data provided by users will be transferred with that division; under the terms of that policy, the new owner or the new controlling party will be allowed to use the data for the purposes for which it has been provided by you.

You will be contacted in advance and notified of the changes if any data provided to you by the Users is transferred in this way. You have the choice to delete or wi your data when you are contacted.

Section-5 COOKIES

A cookie is a small text file that is saved in your computer’s or hard disk’s memory for a predetermined period of time. To collect aggregate data about visitors to the Website, we can use cookies to identify specific machines. These specifics assist in better tailoring the Website to the needs of individuals. Cookies may identify a device, but they cannot be used to identify a particular individual. For details on your internet browser’s cookie settings, please refer to your browser’s manual.

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