Toilet Duck Ocean Force Toilet Cleaner


Toilet Duck Ocean Force Toilet Cleaner

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ContentToilet Duck Ocean Force Toilet Cleaner
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Maintaining a space on a regular basis keeps everything in working order, solves problems as they arise, and so lowers the possibility of unanticipated dangers. Maintaining cleanliness improves mental health and keeps the brain active.

High-quality household cleaning supplies and cleaner concentrates were the main reasons MOS was founded. Since then, our business has expanded to become a well-known and trustworthy household cleaning chemicals suppliers with a sizable clientele in Qatar.

How Acids are used for Cleaning?

Inorganic deposits like scaling are removed with cleansers with an acidic base. Hair, toilet paper, and grease can all be dissolved by them in concentrated form in sewers. In comparison to neutral detergents, some acidic detergents with PH values between 1-6 are used to clean carpets, vinyl, and tiles.

For cleaning mineral deposits, rust stains, or discoloration from copper and other metals, acidic cleansers work best. Contrarily, acid cleaners are particularly effective at dissolving fatty or oily deposits, which is why many laundry detergents are basic, or alkaline. Salts, starches, carbonates, and insoluble hydroxides are all examples of compounds that are best removed with acidic cleaners.

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  • Super-fast deliveries
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As one of the leading household cleaning chemicals suppliers, we will make recommendations that, whenever possible, optimise and add value to your requests while still adhering to any criteria and requirements you may have. We can produce the most economical, ecologically friendly products by cooperating in a mutually beneficial manner.

Our work is based on the values of respect and environmental responsibility, and each product we produce reflects these values. Reusable containers are used to purchase materials instead of wasteful packing. We try to minimise the amount of energy and water we use, as well as the waste we produce.

Ariel Automatic Platinum Fragrant HD Clean Laundry Detergent – 5 kgAluminium Stick 150 (Yellow) (HL-213)Aricasa AR116 Saba Nera Broom Without Handle3M Sb Scotch Brite Stainless Steel Cleaner &Polish 495g
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