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Before Covid-19 hit the globe, there were attempts made for the reduction of single-use packaging to avoid the usage of plastic. Plastic bags were banned at retailers, coffee shops, and other foodservice providers, and they promoted reusable serving ware programs. These steps were mainly taken because it was estimated that less than 10% of plastic has even been recycled and the oceans get millions of tons of plastic for ending up in the oceans every year. Carbon emissions are contributing to the climatic changes and imposing health risks on the people.

The pandemic caused a different thought process for the people. My Office Supply disposable products supplier in Qatar recommended the use of disposable products as many retailers were prohibiting the customers from bringing their reusable bags or products mainly on food service stations. This promoted the use of single-plastic concepts and disposable packaging. Even the office pantry supplies in Qatar promoted disposable concepts for reducing the chances of carrying the virus. This tough phase changed the thought process of every person and the focus changed from recycled products to personal safety concerns.

disposable products supplier in Qatar

The fears are valid for coronavirus and there are appropriate decisions made by food agencies and office owners relating the pantry supplies for office in Qatar. The virus is contracted mainly through the infected droplets on surfaces that could be spread through the surfaces of the container. The reusable concepts within the food services had a good intention for prohibiting plastic usage. However, the touchpoints throughout the supply chain for disposables are lesser as once they reach the consumer, they remain intact at one place and there are lesser chances of spreading the virus through the same.

Even the group of scientists released an evidence-based statement illustrating the safety of reusable or disposable products during the pandemic. The retailers and the consumers using reusable systems can utilize the basic hygiene concepts and create contact-free options for the customers for the bags and cups. The disposable products are not safer than the reusables but the office suppliers still use them as they do not get transferred in various hands at different locations like the reusables.
As an individual, you can do several things to help to become a part of the solution for the disposable options.

  • The good items or grocery shopping could be done with the recyclable paper bags inside which the pantry supplies for office in Qatar are put in for avoiding the direct contact issues for disposable plastic containers.
  • You cannot skip the use of plastic containers. So, for the items that are contained in the plastic containers, just make sure to keep them aside for a few hours, or sanitize the outside carton to avoid catching the virus through surface touching.
  • The unnecessary packaging by the food suppliers could be reduced. The plastic bags need to be put in wherever necessary.
  • For reusables, put them in a safe carry bag and do not keep on taking the container in and out as it could cause unnecessary touching leading to the inclusion of viruses. Minimize the packaging waste and reduce plastic usage.
  • In the case of beverages, bringing a reusable container could be a great option but it should be washed and thoughtfully cleaned every time with detergent to kill any viruses and wiping them to avoid any contamination with viruses or bacteria.

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